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GoCAD Collaboration

Your go-to platform for storing product information

product data management for CAD repository

What is

GoCAD Collaboration?

GoCAD  Collaboration encompasses our overall CAD integration offerings for customers with diverse needs. Our solutions are purpose built, configurable and designed to help customers optimize their CAD Data Management processes.

It provides out of the box customizable and flexible bi-directional integrations between CAD and PLM to increase the velocity of innovation and reduce the product's time to market.

Our integration solutions cater to:

Customers who want our Cloud based vault solution or on prem that is natively integrated to Oracle Cloud & Agile PLM.

Customers who have existing Vaults and want to integrate those with Oracle Cloud & Agile PLM 



Multi CAD Environment

Need to Collaborate

Geographically Dispersed Locations

Product Information Visibility

Version Control/ Design Tracking

Data Management/ Data Organization

Access Control

Manual entry in PLM system


Disconnected Systems & Inefficient Process

Product Highlights

Version Control

Tracking History

Managing Design/Engineering Changes

Event driven customizable integrations between CAD and PLM

  • Create/Update Parts/Attributes

  • Create/Update Bill of Materials

  • Publish 2D and 3D PDF's to PLM

  • Publish Drawings to PLM


Search Design for GoSaaS Design Collaboration


GoCAD Collaboration

Seamless integration to Agile & Cloud PLM

Highly Configurable

SaaS based Application no IT overhead

Caters to Multi-CAD Environments

Version Control and Track History

Highly Customizable

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