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(Full Text Search)

Easily access any attachment data within Oracle PD using multiple user-friendly search options

The Full Text Search (FTS) is aimed at enabling users to search attachments within the Product Development Cloud using text based searches. The tool allows users to navigate through data in a context-aware fashion that maintains references to all related attachments. The idea behind the Full Text Search is to allow the user to navigate through their attachment data in an efficient manner.


How Does FTS Work?

How Does FTS Help Solve Customer Challenges?

Navigating through Attachments in the Product Development Cloud presents a unique challenge. Users may want to run text based searches from within attachments on the Cloud.


The Full Text Search presents a solution to this specific problem. The FTS sits within the PLM cloud and can easily be accessed through Oracle PD. Users can run the FTS to search attachments and access their data directly through the Cloud.


It further allows the users to download those attachments directly to their local drive or even export search results into a CSV format. 

full text search

Product Highlights

  • Extensive attribute/attachment text searching

  • Personalized searches

  • Save and Export Search results

  • Performant, Scalable and Highly Available

GoSaaS FTS features

Benefits of FTS

Benefits of GoSaaS FTS
  • Synchronises cloud attachments and data

  • Single sign-on: Just login to the Cloud and start searching

  • Save and personalize your searches. Export and download your search results in your desired format.

  • Clicking on the item will redirect to the same item in the Cloud.

To learn more about FTS, book a demo with us!

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