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Preserve your Digital Legacy with Archiver

Historical product data secured in a powerful yet user-friendly portal

Digital Record Keeping

What is the Archiver? 

The Archiver allows you to store your historical product data in a secure and searchable portal. The portal enables navigation of the historical data in a context-aware fashion that maintains references to all related data entities like BOMs, documents, change records, and CAD drawings.


How can the  Archiver help?

Store 100% of your historical PLM data in a secure and searchable portal using GoSaaS Archiver.

Product Highlights

  • Cloud-hosted
    Highly scalable

  • User authentication using active directory or third-party

  • User authorization based on group level privileges 

    • Item class level security

    • Attribute group-level security

    • At rest data encryption security


Perfectly Aligned for Your PLM Project

  • They can do so by keeping their historical data in  Archiver, where it stays available for future reference in meeting reference and compliance needs.

  • Links to archived data from their Oracle PLM Cloud are also created.

  • This approach can significantly reduce Oracle PLM Cloud implementation time and complexity by only moving the most current version of the product data to the Cloud.

  • GoSaaS Archiver comes with pre-built data migration tools for Oracle Agile PLM. It can also support Items, BOM, Documents, Drawings and other common product data entities provided in CSV format or as a database.


The GoSaaS Archiver allows users a data-driven view of Parts, Documents, BOMs, and hiver and Oracle PLM Cloud.

  • While Oracle PLM Cloud uses current data, the GoSaaS Archiver stores and classifies historic data. 

  • Once the data is transferred, users can simply browse and search for sub-classifications of data and Item standard information, including Class-specific information, its BOM and where it is used.

  • Related documents would be available to view as well. Similarly, in-depth information on Change History, Affected items and attachments are also available for the user to view.


Why Archiver

Performance, Scalability and Availability

  • Denormalized data for very responsive user experience

  • Distributed in memory cache for even better performance

  • Highly scalable at all tiers of the solution

  • Designed to handle large datasets without compromising performance

  • High availability design with options to add multiple web servers and load balancer (optional)

  • Multi-zone deployment available (optional)

To learn more about Archiver, book a demo with us!

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