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Training Compliance Management


Training Compliance Workflow

Training Compliance Management helps you manage employee training programs, ensure employee compliance, and develop a program tailor fit for your specific organization, all through one single centralized platform. 

Compliance Made Easy

Reconfigure the compliance system to meet the specific needs of your organization as the Portal Admin. Assign user roles and supervise all training processes.  

Create training programs, generate quizzes, and track the status of an employee's training progress as a Training Manager. 

Attend instructor lead or self lead trainings, track your progress through standardized quizzes, earn completion badges, and become a valuable asset for your organization as a Trainee.



Standardize your training systems

  • Identify and allocate employees for specific tasks by identifying their caliber and competency with regards to their specific skill sets.

  • Consolidate your training program on one centralized platform to ensure standardization and efficiency. 

  • Keep a track of all training activities through auto generated training and progress reports and compliance matrices. 

  • Assign trainings to user groups to ensure that employees with the same role are provided with identical and updated compliance training. 

  • Track training completion in real time to successfully identify which employees are out of compliance and work to resolve those outliers.

  • Use quizzes to ensure that the trainees’ understanding of the content is sufficient for their job role approve an employee’s training within the system for an even further level of compliance.

  • Seamlessly migrate training materials, employee status, and other useful data and information between the Compliance System and the Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Cloud as well as the Agile PLM Cloud.


Keep a track of Completed or Pending Trainings in real time through the highly integrated Training Compliance Management Manager Dashboard


Audit Training Compliance, track employee progress, and identify issues through the Training Compliance Matrix

To learn more about Training Compliance Management, book a demo with us!

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