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Where compliance meets efficiency for training excellence

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What is


Training Compliance Management empowers you to efficiently handle employee training programs, ensuring seamless employee compliance while customizing the program to perfectly fit your organization's unique needs. With our single, centralized platform, you can streamline the entire process and achieve comprehensive control over training initiatives.

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User Groups

Assign Training 

Attending Traning

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Empower Your Organization with

Versatile Training Compliance Management

Tailor your compliance system to match your organization's unique requirements as the Portal Admin. Take charge of user roles and oversee all training processes with ease.

employee training management system

GoTrainingHub Dashboard

As a Training Manager, you have the power to design training programs, create quizzes, and effortlessly monitor employees' training progress.

Training & Compliance Simplified

Allocate tasks based on employee caliber and skill sets.

Centralize training programs for standardization and efficiency.

Automate reports on training progress and compliance.

Assign uniform training to user groups based on roles.

Monitor training completion in real-time to address non-compliance.

Validate trainees' understanding with quizzes and approvals for enhanced compliance.

Migrate training data seamlessly between Compliance System and Oracle PLM Clouds.

document compliance management software

Stay Ahead with

Real-Time Training Tracking

Experience the Power of Training Compliance Management Manager Dashboard

employee performance management
training Compliance Management

Enhance Compliance Oversight

Utilize the Training Compliance Matrix for Auditing, Progress Tracking, and Issue Identification

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