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Design Collaboration

Your go-to platform for storing product information

Solution for mCAD and eCAD

What is Design Collaboration Vault?

Design Collaboration vault (DC-v) is a cloud-based professional data management system which helps sharing mechanical and electrical CAD  data between key stakeholders. DC-v is natively integrated with Oracle Cloud PLM so an organization's CAD and PLM systems are always in sync. It provides out of the box customizable and flexible bi-directional integrations between CAD and PLM to increase the velocity of innovation and reduce the product's time to market.

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What challenges does the customer face?

  • Product information visibility

  • Design information is scattered among systems 

  • No Vault to store product information

  • Multi-CAD environment - ECAD & MCAD

Product Highlights

  • Version Control

  • Tracking History

  • Managing Design/Engineering Changes

  • Event driven customizable integrations between CAD and PLM

    - Create/Update Parts/Attributes
    - Create/Update Bill of Materials
    - Publish 2D and 3D PDF's to PLM
    - Publish Drawings to PLM


How does it work?

  • Design Collaboration vault (DC-v) is integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud

  • Keeps a record of parts/Assemblies & CAD files

  • Version history is maintained

  • Check-in/Check-out of design files feature

  • Bi-directional integration & synchronization of Parts/Assemblies with Oracle PLM Cloud 

  • Updates Change Order information along with lifecycle and revision details

  • Supports various CAD tools including MCAD and ECAD

  • Extremely robust solution allowing it to work with several vault solutions


Why Design Collaboration


Highly Flexible Integration Solution

Create Part in PLM (from CAD/PDM) 

  • Option to pull autonumber from PLM

  • Push intelligent number from CAD to PLM)


Publish New Assembly to PLM

  • Option to create new parts on assembly or components should exist 

  • Assembly Part number can be auto-generated or pushed from CAD


Update Existing Assembly in PLM

  • Option for integration to create ECO or ECO to exist already

  • Option to fully update BOM from CAD or ignore some subclasses on BOM e.g. electrical/firmware


Update PDM from PLM

  • Update status in PDM from PLM

Improved Product visibility and collaboration​

  • Offers secure uploading of product information

  • Allows user-friendly access to review drawings in Oracle PD

  • Promotes team collaboration

To learn more about Design Collaboration, book a demo with us!

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